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Ads are a very important part of mobile interfaces, they're a great source of revenue. We've integrated, the best, the most correct and widely approved ads in our item.

300 x 50 Mobile Banner Ad

300 x 250 Mobile Banner Ad

Scrolling Ads

Scrolling ads show and hide as you scroll through the page. Tap the button below to activate it and scroll up and down to see it in action.


Fixed Ad

The classic fixed 300x50 ad that shows at the bottom of the screen. To enable it simply tap the below button.


Timed Ads

Timed ads are those little ads that show in gamaes where you have to wait a certain period before being able to close them. Although annoying they have a high conversion rate.

Automatic Ad

You can deploy full timed ads by timer, to show automatically after a certain period.

Auto Show in 60 Seconds

Tap or Programatic

Yes. Full screen and modal ads can be activated programatically.

menu('#your-ad-id', 'show', 250)
menu('#your-ad-id', 'hide', 250)


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300 x 50 Mobile Banner Ad